Inspired by the lovely @zoe
  1. You look like a reincarnation of the first guy I fell in love with when I was 15
  2. You are a brilliant texter/email writer
    I reread witty/insightful/emotionally vulnerable texts from people over and over again like I'm rereading a cherished book from my youth.
  3. You have a background in musical theater
    Have you ever fallen in lust with someone after hearing them sing along to a song on the radio and then casually option up on the final note? Have you ever pictured your entire future with someone after witnessing them sing "Joey, Joey, Joey" from Most Happy Fella? I HAVE.
  4. You are a comedian
    PRO TIP: whenever you feel you've exhausted the dating pool of UCB and the stand-up scene, simply move to the other coast for a while!
  5. You have similar neuroses/fears as me
  6. You are outgoing AF!
  7. You excel at something I cannot fathom even attempting
  8. You are comfortable making eye contact
  9. You're punctual