1. Upon waking, missing someone from a dream
    When you have spent all night with someone who is perhaps an amalgam of many people, who existed without a distinct face or name, yet somehow as you slept, you loved them deeply. And all at once, without warning, they slip away forever.
  2. When the music video doesn't match your take on the song at all
    I was picturing a 1950s hazy fantasy and you're giving me a guy on fire? It's like solving a complex equation and feeling completely satisfied, only to learn my answer is completely incorrect.
  3. Saying goodbye to someone in the wrong way
    If you fuck up your initial greeting, there's still time to turn it around. If you fumble the conversation, there's room to apologize and explain your intent. But when you screw up the last thing you say or do to someone, your options for recovery become much more limited.
  4. Bringing ten outfits to the fitting room and discovering none of them look quite right
    It can make you feel like there's an ocean between who you think you are and your actual self. You stare at the mirror, into the eyes of a stranger in horrendous fluorescent lighting, and you wonder if you ever really knew yourself at all.