1. Think they're supremely talented
  2. Have immense unresolved anger towards them
    Or perhaps, completely despise them
  3. Are impressed by their mixology skills
  4. Would like to be them
  5. Want them to yell at you while you work out
  6. Want to be part of their family
    Like as their 2nd cousin or something. Family gatherings at their house seem like they'd be fun/fill a void in your life?
  7. Want to check out their apartment
    What's their throw pillow game? Which pop psychology books do they have? Is their mattress memory foam?
  8. Enjoy reminiscing with them
  9. Are behaving in relation to your last failed romantic endeavor
  10. Want to ONLY make-out with them
  11. Like their accent.
    Suggested by @madeline
  12. Think they might have secretly apprenticed at a sexual healing retreat
    Suggested by @erikhinton
  13. Are bored
    Suggested by @erichutchinson