The Olsen Twins. Shelby Woo. Veronica Mars. Harriet the Spy. Encyclopedia Brown. Cam Jansen. Nancy Drew. What do they all have in common? Impeccable style. Kid detectives are more intelligent and refined than their classmates, so their outfits reflect that. There's also a utilitarian mindset--your clothes need to take you from school to spying on a lunatic murder to family dinner. To replicate, wear the complete opposite of whatever your peers are wearing, sensible shoes, and a trench coat.
    Black jeans. Black t-shirt. Black sneakers (probably converse). Messy hair pulled back. Backpack full of endless papers. Very little make-up and very little sleep. Maybe a Bluetooth to pay homage to the headset? So chic. Wonderful for everyday attire.
    Perhaps you've also developed an intense crush on Pharell after watching him on "The Saddest Stories in--excuse me, I'm getting word that it's called, "The Voice." Obviously he's a huge talent with the sage advice of a wise old owl, but his sartorial decisions are equally significant. He is unafraid of excessive jewelry and bold choices, but above all, his looks are always comfortable and versatile.
    Very form-fitting black ensemble (ideally leotard and skirt) with pink shoes. Hair in a bun with many bobby pins. Warm-up sweater. Good for parties and running into your ex.