1. DIABLO on Sunset and Westerly--It's like the douchebag who negs you and only talks about sports, but then you get to know who he is on the inside and realize he's actually this artsy, intellectual dreamboat
  2. TACOS DELTA on Sunset and Lucile--It's like your sometimes lover who knows just how you like it and you can call them whenever, but all your friends say you deserve better
  3. HOMESTATE on Hollywood and Rodney--It's like your best friend that you've been secretly in love with since the 8th grade. You'll never get everything you want from them (they're only open until 3pm), but you wake up every morning thinking of them
  4. MIXTO on Hyperion and Rowena--it's like when you're dating someone and it's going pretty well--you get along, you've never fought, etc., but at your core you know something's missing in the relationship