maybe it's too soon to know for sure. only time will tell...
  1. R. Crumb comics
    I discovered a grocery bag full of his comic books hidden in my attic when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade and became secretly obsessed with them. I didn't realize the intensity of this until I was much older. I think I turned out fine...but maybe my definition of "fine" exists within a distorted world view inspired by R. Crumb??
  2. Depilatories
    The chemicals in these are no joke. And I used them on my face because I am an Eastern European werewolf! I swear my upper lip still burns sporadically, but I don't know if it's in my head or if it's the ghosts of depilatories past!
  3. Never learning to ride a bike
    I tried to learn when I studied abroad in Amsterdam, which is the worst place to be a new biker because everyone rides bikes sans helmet, wearing heels, smoking cigarettes, with a baby in tow, down narrow streets and over canals like it ain't no thing. so eventually I got too overwhelmed and fearful of becoming the laughing stock of the Netherlands and I gave up. But what if I am in a life or death situation where the only way to escape is by bicycle??