1. Hardcore day drinking
    I barely enjoy the sun to begin with. To endure its rays whilst growing full and intoxicated is a straight up nightmare. A Bloody Mary while you're gossiping about the previous night's escapades is, of course, the exception to this rule.
  2. Unpredictable movement from strangers
    What are they going to do next? WE DON'T KNOW! And the unknown is terrifying!
  3. Fruits
    The texture. The look of them. Being forced to hold them. Watching people eat them. The word "fruit". Even saying the names of fruits makes me shudder. Typing the word so many times is grossing me out. I am at the "I should be on Maury" level of this problem. I have basically avoided all fruit my entire life, but have been slowly, gently trying to overcome this.
  4. Unintended affection
    On more than one occasion, my height has resulted in me accidentally kissing someone's neck in a seemingly sensual way when I was simply trying to give them a super casual barely-real kiss on the cheek. The moment right after this happens is a cocktail of anguish and helplessness.