🎶what I did for...luuuuuust🎶
  1. Sacrificed sleep, skincare, proper nutrition, time, mental energy, productivity, any semblance of a social life
  2. Purposely ignored red flags indicating low emotional intelligence, deep indifference towards me, poor communication skills, erratic behavior, the fact that we have nothing to talk about
  3. Tearfully, unsuccessfully pled my case for us on St. Marks between 2nd and 3rd after drinking an entire bottle of wine
  4. Wore the same sundress--the one adorned with red and blue whales--for 4 days straight
  5. Attempted to rationalize the nuanced distinctions between "dating" and "sleeping with" and "liking" other people, after running into a girl on the street who told me their friend was CURRENTLY DATING YOU while I was CURRENTLY DATING YOU
  6. Debated the pros and cons of "exploring", while there was an innocent third person, blissfully asleep, in the same bed as us
  7. Accepted that my all-black outfit would be covered in hundreds of your dog's blond hairs
  8. Trudged crosstown through a snowstorm, rode the A train all the way to the last stop in Brooklyn in a rainstorm, flew across the country to meet up in a state neither of us lived in--possessing a deep anxiety that you wouldn't actually show up
  9. Dropped by the party I didn't want to attend because there was a 1% chance you'd be there
  10. Begrudgingly spent time with your super weird friends/rude roommates/people you were trying to impress in order to spend time with you
  11. (Not all the same person. Thank god)