Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. What I imagined my friends face looked like when she got on stage to receive her PhD
  2. What I wanted to create in my yard for my bees but never got around to. Just sits there making me feel guilty now.
  3. When the older folk at work used the term Squirrel Grip and the younger folk had to Google image it
  4. The picture I have saved on my phone to furnish the story I tell about my husband buying a similar outfit for bike riding.
  5. Just about one of the cutest photos ever that it would have been a crime to let Snapchat erase.
  6. Self explanatory
  7. That time I got inspired to embroider lovely flowers onto clothing and then I tried it and it took fucking hours to do one flower so I gave up. Sits there making me feel inadequate.