Inspired by @TheWonderKid! I've had several years of practice deciding my top faves of my all time favorite show and wanted to share!
  1. Stress Relief Parts I & II
    S5 E14/15. Hands down my favorite episode(s). It's one of the few episodes I can re-watch over and over again and still cry from laughing so much.
  2. Dinner Party
    S4 E9. I think this one takes the cake for most uncomfortable feelings within one episode, but yet another extremely quotable ep. (Scott's Tots also up for the cake.)
  3. Niagara Parts I & II
    S6 E4/5. I ship PB&J so hard. These episodes are two of the very few television episodes to made or continue to make me cry. I cry every time I listen to Forever by Chris Brown, I cry whenever I watch that scene, and I cry whenever I watch the last scene of the episodes when Jim looks into the camera while him and Pam are looking out towards the Falls after the captain marries them. The look of pure happiness in his eyes is so genuine, I always think they're married irl.
  4. Bonus: Finale
    S9 E23. Another one that made me bawl uncontrollably. Long live Dunder Mifflin.