Moments of joy as a Kansas City Royals fan
  1. Moose's Homer and ensuing controversy ... Now known as Homergate
  2. Wade Davis coming back out for the 9th and the tension of that inning.
  3. Cueto's pitching performance in Game 5 of the ALDS against Houston
  4. NOT having to play a wild card game.
  5. The 7th inning comebacks of the never-say-die Royals
  6. Jirsch sending Cain on Hosmer's single ... Even though Cain started at first.
  7. Kansas City's support for our firefighters in Game 5 of the postseason.
  8. Zobrist's bloop single dropping between the "great" Bautista and Goins
  9. Esky winning ALCS MVP
  10. The moment that Moose threw across the diamond to Hoz for the final out of Game 6 of the ALCS securing the Royals their SECOND American League pennant in a row!!
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