Approaching my 3 year anniversary of traveling to Asia for work: My Work Trip Highlight Photos

I work for a US based medical device manufacturer as their "Far East/ Canada (don't ask) Sales Manager." Every 1-2 months or so I take a quick flight over to Southeast Asia/Asia Pacific and spend 2+ weeks in various countries and cities meeting with distributors, training them, meeting their customers in local hospitals, going to conferences, etc.
  1. I think I do a great job of making this role seem quite glamorous on social media but ‼️traveling as a solo young female has it's fair share of downsides!!‼️
    Being alone on weekends, eating at restaurants as a solo diner is only fun for like 1-2 days. Also, If you followed me on my old list account you may have read my list titled "The Time I was Sexually Assaulted By a Doctor..." which happened during a work visit in Indonesia. So it's not the posh jet setting life it seems to be.
  2. As June approaches I will have been in this role for 3 years so I decided to make a list to share some of my favorite (or craziest) memories from the dozens of trips I've taken
    I have lots of photos of myself as asians love to take photos for me of me standing in front of things. Sorry in advance, I promise I'm not that vain.
  3. So here we go! (I'll try to make it chronological, not that that matters to anyone)
    P.s. Some of the pics have black borders around them because I'm bad w/ technology
  4. First ever work trip while still in training: Shadowing a vascular surgeon in Rome. Still one of the best experiences
  5. Showing off my new catheters that have now traveled all over with me
    We make dialysis catheters, not the pee kind!
  6. Manila, The Philippines: my first official work trip, most draining week of my life but the best distribution company I have under me.
  7. Jakarta, Indonesia: One work perk is getting to choose my own hotels. This is one of my favorites because it's so funky (Pullman Central Park)
  8. Another perk: business class. Don't know how I'll ever live without it (which sounds so snobby of me but seriously once you start it's hard to go back 😭) My airlines of choice: Qatar Airways, Qantas, Garuda Indonesia, Air Canada
  9. I spend a lot of time in hospital waiting rooms which are often very hot. While I wouldn't consider this a good memory, it's representative of the bad parts of my job
  10. Hong Kong: remember the umbrella protests??
  11. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Sightseeing on the weekend
  12. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: my favorite food I've tried while traveling? Banana Leaf.
  13. Cebu, Philippines: Swimming with the locals
  14. Hong Kong: the distributor took me to the wax museum one night and wanted to take my photo with every figure. I shouldn't be laughing in this pic but it was so bizarre
  15. Macao: on the ferry from Hong Kong I sat behind a group of Russians headed to the casinos. I asked if they would share their vodka
  16. Bangkok, Thailand: can never get enough of the pagodas
  17. Also Bangkok: A nice dish placed in front of me during a work lunch
  18. Jakarta, Indonesia: I was really excited to scrub in on a neonatal insertion case. This was taken just before I was sexually assaulted by a doctor and it ruined the entire day/week
  19. Yangon, Myanmar: Typical American tourist
    Myanmar is my favorite place that I travel, in case you were wondering
  20. Brunei: My lecture audience
  21. Yangon Myanmar: one time they showed me the snake room at the hospital where they do research for snake bite treatment 😳
  22. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: The first time I ever had a colleague travel with me. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS PHOTO
  23. Melbourne, Australia: An aesthetically pleasing hotel I stayed in
  24. Singapore: still not over this structure
    I go to Singapore most often because I love it so much
  25. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: met up with my cousin one time and we did that fish therapy thing. It was so weird.
  26. Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Weekend time
  27. Christchurch, New Zealand: their temporary shipping crate shopping center post earthquake
  28. Sydney, Australia: first time during a layover!
  29. Sydney, Australia: I got to go back for work!
  30. Suva, Fiji: I convinced my company there were lots of business opportunities in Fiji and that I needed to go
  31. Samoa-American Samoa: getting weighed before the 20 min flight across the dateline
  32. Taipei, Taiwan: the best spot for a work lunch
  33. Bangkok, Thailand: Another hotel room that fit my aesthetic
  34. Bandung, Indonesia: Probably the best part of my job is the opportunity to train new reps in new regions
  35. Yangon, Myanmar: lots of photos with random people who think Americans are amazing (they're not!!)
    I could seriously make a whole list with photos like this
  36. Seoul, South Korea: I got to meet the family that my sister worked with when she lived in Korea a few years ago. So sweet.
  37. Ulaanbataar, Mongolia: Probably the coolest place I've been able to visit
  38. Hanoi, Vietnam: I will never stop eating when I'm there
  39. Perth, Australia: already posted this in my last list but this was one of my favorite "work" memories to date!
  40. Guam: This is where I am now and this is how I spent my day
  41. Til next time!