Thoughts, Questions Now That I'm Back On

Took a little (long) break, mostly out of fear that my real life friends would find me on here and now that I'm back I have SO many questions
  1. This is me and not much has changed except I live in Boise now instead of Philadelphia
    Yes I'm still a catheter saleswoman
  2. Are we still doing that thing where we make our usernames things like ""?
    At the time that I left the list app had recently switched to and we were all either confused or peeved or a little bit of both
  3. Does @lesbian still make lots of genitalia lists that end like this??????
    I hope so because I've missed it more than I thought possible
  4. Is @jessicaz still the token Aussie?
  5. Is @aus10 still into golf and still giving out Amazon gift cards?
    I need one
  6. I've noticed that after quitting I no longer thought in lists
    Which was a relief but now I'm craving it again
  7. I have so much to catch up on
    Plus there seem to be a million new users to meet!
  8. Anything else I should know??
    Or must-read lists I've missed?