Im at the bargaining stage and this is all actually just fiction.
  1. Jim and Pam
    jim and pam would have been solidly Hillary and put Cece in an 'I'm with her' t shirt
  2. Ryan
    Ryan would have voted for Gary Johnson, despite knowing nothing about him. He'd be sympathetic to Wikileaks, too. 'They're non-violent cultural revolutionaries' *kelly nods, captivated*
  3. Toby
    Toby would have voted for Jill Stein in a swing state where Hillary managed to lose by one vote.
  4. Dwight
    Dwight would have voted Trump and started taking on some of his mannerisms
  5. Darryl
    Darryl would be pro-Hillary and make a face to the camera when Ryan talked to him pointedly about her history with "the African Americans"
  6. Oscar
    Oscar would be offended by assumptions that he was a Democrat. 'Oh just because im a gay hispanic you all assume I'm with her?' *cut to taking head* 'Yeah, I'm with her.'
  7. Creed
    Creed would ignore the question and talk about how he bought Bill Clinton a strawberry daiquiri for his 21st birthday. 'He lapped it right up. 2006 was a great year.'
  8. Michael
    Michael would have been given a 'make america great again' cap by a volunteer and worn it unaware. Gets upset when everyone makes him take it off
  9. Stanley
    Stanley would tell everyone it was none of their business who he voted for. But he would be annoyed at modern 'PC culture' and have voted Trump
  10. Kelly
    Kelly would have voted Hillary and compared her and Bill with her and Ryan'. 'We're like the Hillary and Bill of the office but like, hot.'
  11. Meredith
    [deadpan but sincere] oh yeah hillary for sure. I like a tough bitch who doesn't quit'
  12. Angela
    Angela would refuse to vote Trump cus he's an atheist but she'd mistrust Hillary because she's a woman. 'There's just some things that I wouldn't trust a woman with.' *Dwight nodding smugly in the background*
  13. Andy
    Andy bernard would enthusiastically vote trump every day of the week and twice on Sundays. But he would tell everyone he voted Hillary so ppl would still like him