2016 in pictures

  1. January
    Went to the Drybar and had the best hair day of my life.
  2. February
    Assisted on set at an Alice in Wonderland shoot for Seventeen. Had an intern there to help me and everything!
  3. March
    Went on set with Shawn Mendes. Corrected the sign people for spelling his name wrong before he got there. Awkward situation avoided.
  4. March (part 2)
    Went to Zayn Malik's album release party and took this creeper pic of him and Gigi. Was too nervous to ask for an actual photo.
  5. April
    Left my internship and the best experience of my life. Miss it every day.
  6. April (part 2)
    My bestie got married and I felt like a baby/very old all at the same time.
  7. May
    I was #sporty and went to Yellowstone!
  8. June
    I hung out with my dad in my grandparents' house. We got way closer in 2016.
  9. July
    Finals week: I took lots of naps.
  10. August
    I saw Hamilton!
  11. September
    I cut my hair way short.
  12. October
    Actual photo of me stressing out about the election. I sent in my absentee ballot and voted for the first time!
  13. November
    I cried a lot (post election) and made this broccoli cheddar soup from scratch.
  14. December
    My friends proved they truly know me with this #content cake.