1. He's a world renowned Irish fiddler.
  2. He was on Soul Train once.
  3. Arlo Guthrie invited him to America to help him record an album
  4. The first place he slept in the USA was Burt Bacharach's house.
  5. He was invited to the White House to accept a cultural award of some sort. Cracker Barrel catered.
  6. One of his songs was used in Napoleon Dynamite.
  7. He spent his 20s frequenting British reggae clubs, avoiding arrest (they were often busted for drugs) because he would listen to my grandpa (a London cop) on the phone for info about where the police were hitting that night
  8. His face was on a series of Irish stamps in the 1970s
  9. In 1993 he was the face of Ireland for a tourism campaign (this was in one of the New York Times magazines)
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  10. Has seen Jimi Hendrix live many times
  11. Had breakfast with The Cure, thought they were "dopes"
  12. His favorite movie is "Do The Right Thing"