Requested by @sally
I waited to do this until I left to maximize the discovery time! LA is weird.
  1. What burnt areolas feel like
    The harsh California sun took no pity on my dumb, naked body. I'm not sure I would classify this as a "favorite" discovery but I will never forget to wear sunscreen/not sunbathe topless again--which is a pretty important revelation.
  2. Dr. Dre loves improv comedy
    He was one of the celebs frequently seen at the comedy theater where I worked. This is the most endearing thing, the cherry on top being that he and his body guards were incredibly nice to everyone
  3. Not being an asshole goes such a long way
    Being courteous and polite and just acting LIKE A NORMAL PERSON is so important. Everyone is happier that way.
  4. Celebrity worship is scary
    Anyone who can live in LA and still be obsessed with or intimidated by celebrity is not sane. We're all just dorks trying to survive!
  5. I need to be around trees
    I took nature for granted since I grew up close to it. Not being in a dirty, desert valley is fucking amazing.
  6. The inferiority I once felt for not going to a private college is totally gone
    The entitlement level amongst so many private school educated people makes me wonder how anyone gets out of college with any sort of perspective whatsoever. Being in LA around creatives who just lived and did weird shit with 0 money while working to get by has made me appreciate my circumstance immensely.
  7. Men in Hollywood make me sad
    99% of the dudes I interacted with in West Hollywood were super disgusting and/or pathetic. What's that about? Don't try to fuck everything all the time (especially people way younger than you) and it'll make bars way more fun for everyone, guys!! I hope you figure yourselves out, dudes!
  8. I'm not sure I'll ever want to go back
    Spending the summer there was so great and I met tons of people I love but as far as cities go--I'm not so sure. I'm too weak for Los Angeles. I'll check in with my heat tolerance, self awareness and shame level in a few years to see if I can take another crack at it.