I don't really think everyone is entitled to the right to vote. Let's ban certain specific groups of people from the polls. I fall under many of these categories.
  1. Anyone who has seen every episode of Entourage.
    This includes myself and I find it to be fair.
  2. Anyone who has quoted Borat in the last 6 months
    Again, me, and I would understand if this lost me the right to elect a person into office.
  3. The cop who did that dumbass roll before being an asshole to a bunch of teens in that recent Texas pool party video
  4. Everyone who has enabled Guy Fieri
  5. Courtney Love
    I just don't like her!
  6. The guy who openly farted in front of me at the Father John Misty concert
    Come on, that guy has a say in determining our nations fiscal policy?? Fuck!