I haven't been here long but I've already dropped hella tears all over this god damn town! Please add your own.
  1. Arclight Theater 11: During a showing of Love and Mercy
    The Beach Boys have always been a big part of my life and seeing Pet Sounds come together (even in a recreation) was really moving. Paul Dano captured Brian Wilson in such a perfect, jarring way I couldn't hold in my tears. @zoe TELL YOUR BOY WOW FOR ME
  2. The parking lot behind the Arclight after Love and Mercy
    Realized I care more about the other people I'm surrounded by than the things I'm doing on my own
  3. A restaurant called Mercado near Universal Studios
    My mother made a comment about my attitude and my dyed hair
  4. I5 northbound towards Pasadena
    The Sufjan song that was playing when the boy I was seeing told me a lot of personal information about his life the morning I left for LA (a forced separation that ended the relationship without our consent) came on. I miss him and I'm not sure why. It's unclear if we'll ever see each other again but I really want to tell him about this cute baby I saw today so maybe, if there is a God, I'll get to share that story to his cute face within the next couple months. I don't want him to forget me.
  5. My room in Glendale
    Anxiety over a new job, fear of feeling lonely, missing my friends and upset that a bunch of people are exiting my life in one big herd right now. Also the room I'm renting used to belong to a 17 year old so there's a really lame Family Guy poster I'm forced to sleep under.
  6. Target at the Glendale Galleria
    Change is hard, having to find a standing air conditioner that fits in a tiny room is harder. Especially when a Friday Night Lights cast member is sniffing candles in the aisle next to you, watching your ugly person tears roll down your cheeks onto your cart filled with fruit snacks and extension cords.
  7. In the bathroom at work
    When my boss said it looked like I check my personal email "a little too much" and I felt really bad for even seeming like I was becoming as bored and disinterested a millennial as I was afraid of. It was out of toilet paper so I had to use my sleeve to wipe up my snot so I was also a gross millennial.
    Suggested by @nina
  8. The Tasting Kitchen, Venice
    I told my then boyfriend how scared I was of losing him though at the time, I had no reason to think I ever would. We broke up about 2 months later, and another month after that, I returned for a work dinner and had to excuse myself to shed a few tears in private.
    Suggested by @betsy