Inspired by @audrey
  1. "He fingered me while The Trailer Park Boys played in the background. I can't wait to graduate." - 2011
  2. "My life is one big laugh riot but I'm the only one laughing." - 2011
  3. "We crashed a bat mitzvah together but he won't kiss me?" - 2011
  4. "I can be quiet with him." - 2012
  5. "I hate hookup culture so much. Take me back to a time when everyone was repressed and addicted to prescription drugs." - 2012
  6. "I've been thinking about Devo a lot lately. I want to be around people who respect Devo." - 2013
  7. "It's easy to forgive stupidity when someone beautiful is inside you." -2015
  8. "The service industry employees of LA and I have really been hitting it off." - 2015
  9. "The Getty is the only place so far that doesn't make me feel like an extra in Soylent Green." - 2015