Sometimes the only way to remain composed amongst trauma, stress and the knowledge of impending death is to take selfies. This was a draft because it made me realize that I am a narcissist and this is not actually a normal coping method.
  1. The "Trying To Rock Overalls" selfie
    My overalls are my favorite outfit but are sometimes met with confusion. Feeling insecure? Take a selfie.
  2. The "feat. Jimmy Carter" selfie
    Idk. Finals week? Take a selfie with a president you're endeared by.
  3. The "identity crisis" selfie
    People will think you're going through something if you bleach your head. They're probably right. Own it: take a selfie.
  4. The "feat. Dennis Rodman" selfie
    Stressed about your suitor? Remind them that you've got insanity on your side. Take a selfie with a North Korea ally.
  5. The "this party sucks" selfie
    Nothing is truer than the sadness of not seeing your crush at a party. Go to the host's bathroom and take some selfies indicating your disappointment.
  6. The "Jay and Silent Bob" selfie
    When you're stressing about a boy sometimes it works to confuse their platonic admiration for a Kevin smith character and their attraction to you. Take a selfie where you look like said character. This was a successful attempt btw.
  7. The "will your ex like this on Instagram" selfie
    We all get curious! Take a selfie, post that shit. No shame.