I would like to see the tattoos of list app. Indulge me!
  1. Idiot misspelled
    92b3acf7 e48b 4456 8d6a cc79b1009f32
    An inside joke from years ago, my BFF @devonessick and I did these ourselves recently. It's been fun explaining the tattoo to pedicurists.
  2. Pentagram inside lip
    8a9a27b8 fcda 413c 80b2 e0b0a4035c25
    Suggested by @olive
  3. Ensō on my back
    015ef19b 9b53 486d b59b d5c1a7512095
    Really bad screenshot taken from a video
    Suggested by @olive
  4. Spock
    2bfd8bee 187d 42f5 82b8 817a6877ba3f
    On my right arm
    Suggested by @evanp
  5. From back when it was brand new
    9faf1589 fded 4510 b9ad 38487eed53a8
    Suggested by @RachelP
  6. Stick n Poke's by @maggiebard
    Cf69bd76 68d7 4590 b429 4b27bf0dc713
    Did not think about the implications of a sword pointing at people when we shake hands. But as a relatively basic looking bitch... It is helpful
    Suggested by @originalamericantrt
  7. Bobo Fett's visor (from Star Wars) and the shortcut for saving on a computer, COMMAND-S
    Bcf43dd1 23b1 4bd5 97b0 98eb8ec627ff
    Suggested by @JGDillard
  8. Drinking a lil too much, knocking on doors in my dorm until someone gave me a needle, and forgetting to sanitize my skin before show that I truly deserve this to be a permanent fixture on my body
    581a0d88 a1b2 40ac b78c f7dbb7065386
    Suggested by @devonessick
  9. I have like ten more but this one is my true favorite
    6083f708 79ff 4f26 9a5c 64d0b026fdd6
    Suggested by @yasi