Mercury is in retrograde, my dad keeps texting me questions about his kindle, my dog is many miles away. These songs are helping me temporarily escape this reality.
  1. Making Breakfast - Twin Peaks
    This band name sucks but man, are these boys fun. I want to kiss them all while they talk about how much they love skateboarding.
  2. Call It Off - Shamir
    "No more basic, ratchet guys." This song has empowered me to stop pursuing a beautiful boy. Beautiful people can't be trusted. Except for Anderson Cooper.
  3. The Obvious Child - Paul Simon
    Brazilian drumming paired with the sensitive voice of Paul Simon makes me feel like I'm living in a world where the sun is always shining and not a single TLC star has ever molested anybody.
  4. Radical Businessman - Japanther
    This one represents my anger that's rooted in nothing. I'm so mad! I'm going to rip up your copy of The Stranger whilst yelling insults about your digital arts final while this song blares in the background. Maybe we'll kiss after.
  5. Dancing Girls - Farah
    I recently saw "A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night"-- an Iranian movie about a girl vampire who skateboards around killing dudes who are mean to girls. It's been a source of inspiration since the first viewing. This song plays while the vampire dances alone in her room. Now it plays while I do the same, but in a less cool or murderous way.
  6. Death - White Lies
    This sounds like it could be a U2 song. It's kind of square. But it was also featured in the aforementioned vampire movie and it has been the soundtrack to my lying in bed thinking about good moments. That's an important activity, I think.
  7. Pickles From The Jar - Courtney Barnett
    Courtney Barnett writes such beautiful lyrics it makes me want to barf. "You love, I love Christopher Walken! I guess at least we have got one thing in common."