Inspired by @sophia inspired by @A I absolutely adore this list idea
  1. Have you ever seen a dead body?
    I always ask this with the naive assumption I'll receive a cool, "Stand By Me" tale of shenanigans but usually it's a huge bummer and I regret asking it
  2. Have you ever been to a Medieval Times Restaurant?
    I've never been but want to go so bad. Please tell me about how awesome it is!!! Do you really have to eat without utensils?? Can you touch the horses?
  3. Celebrity encounters
    A great indicator of a person's pop culture interest and shame self awareness
  4. What was your first time like?
    Another question that can have hilarious, endearing answers or traumatic, sad ones. Also: hard to not sound like a perv when asking. Whatever.
  5. Most embarrassing memory
    99% of the time the answer is funny and told in good spirits, but once I asked this question to a guy I was seeing and he almost cried, so.
  6. Earliest memory of going to the movies
    What movie? Who'd you go with? Did you like it?
  7. Crimes in your hometown
    I love the macabre, and everyone has some weird story about a local murderer or deviant from where they grew up.
  8. Last time you cried and why
    Get to know a person fast! Force them to explain their current sadness to you
  9. First date experiences
    Cute or awkward. Gimme the deets.
  10. Your worst jobs
  11. Weird obsessions
    Every single person has one (my favorite is @dana 's - diet lemonade from chick fil a) and it's always awesome to see people get stoked on weird shit