I have to write a 6 page paper on the hegemonic masculinity of westerns but guess what-- I've been watching Kendrick Lamar videos instead! FOR HOURS! That procrastination method inspired my first list in a long ass time.
  1. The video for "King Kunta"
    I listened to "Pimp A Butterfly" almost every single day while I was in California but the memories combined with the Compton footage has me yearning for the cars, people, and music of south central. My education professor (who is from Inglewood) and I bonded over this and the fact that rap house shows in Eugene, Oregon are painfully absent or painfully bad (go figure) yesterday. We want the funk!
  2. Transparent
    Ugh, this show. So great it makes me want to barf. I've been rewatching the first season to prep for the season 2 premier (this Friday!!) and nothing has ever made me want to drop LA references more. Some choice quotes: "pff yeah like you'd ever live on the west side" "I don't even know where Silverlake ends and Echo Park begins" "nobody goes to the Beverly Center!"
  3. Dope
    Another sincere suggestion if you haven't seen it-- Dope is so fun and filled with hot actors and actresses. Including ASAP Rocky!! I want to bike down a palm tree lined street! I want a Randy's donut at 11pm!!
  4. Reading about the Manson family
    I'm having a cult themed birthday party so my google search is super damning. The Manson sisters are suuuch fashion goals though. Anyway yeah love that living in LA puts you at sincere risk of joining a cult. Keeps people on their toes.
  5. Being told by my friends that wearing makeup isn't "in" anymore
    I wear eyeliner everyday and there's no end in sight. I don't rock climb (anymore LOL), I'm meh about backpacking and kombucha is gross. Clearly being raised in Oregon is no longer enough! I really miss feeling like the least showered/put together person in Neimen Marcus. S/o to West Hollywood for supplying that v specific emotion.