Requested by @audrey
I have one more week here! Wow!
  1. Eat brunch at the Chateau
    Had a weird obsession with this place since I was little, need to spend at least an hour and $20 more than is appropriate here before I leave
  2. Make out with a skater from Venice
    This almost happened! I blew it with my inability to play anything cool! The Lords of Dogtown fantasy will live on.
  3. Pour one out for Biggie on Wilshire and Fairfax
  4. Go to Roscoe's
    I LOVE chicken and waffles (anyone from Portland knows how hard it is to beat those found at Screen Door) and need to hit this spot
  5. Get gifts for my friends
    Every single one is getting a spray painted name plate from the boardwalk
  6. Emotionally prepare myself for my return home
    I've never related more to "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times"! Will I go crazy from boredom? Will I kiss the person I spent weeks kissing prior to my trip? Will my dog remember me????