What a bummer of a list! Will these concerns disappear if I share them with you?
  1. He won't come to the party!
    My life is Lesley Gore song. I would like to kiss you before we both leave forever but my intuition tells me that may not happen. Hopefully you'll make the long trek Friday night and we can share that silly, naked space again.
  2. I'm going to fail my spanish test tomorrow
    Here's the thing: I cannot speak Spanish. I have two more weeks of this god forsaken language that I am not romantic or cultured enough to conquer. These 2 weeks are going to be EL BITCH though lemme tell ya.
  3. Why haven't I seen more pictures of the new royal baby?
    Is it deformed? Not as cute as George? What's the deal?
  4. My dad is going to see my credit card bill soon
    Yes, I spent $40 at a sushi restaurant. Yes, I spent $30 on a single pair of underwear. Yes, my depression is manifesting itself into Carrie Bradshaw.
  5. I'll be extremely lonely this summer
    I love meeting new people (the only difference between me and any character in a Doestevsky novel) but in a big, scary city where everyone is more beautiful than me? And I hate the beach! What will become of me!?
  6. Why do I feel so sickly?
    Do I have mono? Am I pregnant? Is it the 8 Cheeseburgers I ate three hours ago? I don't think this mystery will ever be solved!
  7. I haven't started work on a giant campaign due in two weeks