A man I had a thing with (I'm a young person) posted an Instagram of a street sign in my Portland neighborhood, and then used the comment section as a platform to hit on a beautiful girl. I realized the FOMO I felt was not rooted in them canoodling virtually but with my hometown. NEPDX FOREVER!
  1. The lack of Escalades
    I can recall seeing an Escalade in motion ONCE in Portland, and I'm fairly confident it was being driven by a Blazer.
  2. Hearing people talk about The Blazers
    I was raised on basketball, specifically the Jail Blazers. I stopped following the team as I grew up but I still get warm fuzzies hearing people talk about 'em
  3. Running into guys I made out with in high school
    May seem awkward, is actually awesome to see boys you had a crush on turn into equally cool grown dudes. For example: one of them is now playing in a metal band and working as a school janitor, still as funny and happy as can be.
  4. New Seasons Market
    The best freaking grocery store in the continental 50. Meets bourgeois and cheap in the middle, and their deli is TO DIE FOR! I used to work there and I totally took it for granted. I would take a human life for a New Seasons wok right now.
  5. Peninsula Park
    This park was near my home growing up but was incredibly far from my high school/ where my high school friends lived so it was the only park that wasn't tainted by drugs and drinking forties at 1 AM. It's beautiful and in one of the last neighborhoods to avoid gentrification in the city. Historical, beautiful, a secret.
  6. Baristas who look like Daniel Clowes characters
  7. Drinking 40s in parks
    It's hard to return to where you grew up and not fall back into some habits
  8. Being able to drive 30 minutes and be in HELLA nature
  9. St. John's
    A good friend of mine who grew up in this neighborhood in north Portland appropriately described St. John's with this statement: "it's cool because you have people literally letting pies cool on windowsills but also tons of organized gangs of really mean ferile cats"
  10. MY DOG
  11. Cruising
    I've forgotten what it's like to drive for fun