Feeling especially heart and homesick today. My idiot brain has done the following today in weak attempts to make up for the pining.
  1. Spent $50 on a bathing suit top
    Maybe some day I'll wear it? I can't remember the last time I went swimming
  2. Bought the It Follows soundtrack on vinyl
    A tradition that started my freshman year of college, I only buy vinyl when I want to cry but can't for whatever reason. I've spent a lot of time at Amoeba recently. Stoked on this find though.
  3. Ate 6 cheese sticks
  4. Signed up for surfing lessons
    I am extremely afraid of the ocean. Opportunity to wear my new suit, though!
  5. Smoked half a cigarette
    I only smoke American Spirit Blacks for nostalgia reasons, but those are surprisingly hard to find so I bought a pack of yellows and THEY SUCK
  6. Drafted many lame texts
    Hard to maintain any sort of dignity with a text that's just "I MISS YOU" 23 times
  7. Dry-sobbed
    Like dry heaving but less cool