1. Collect all your beard hairs you left in my bed and send them back to you via the U.S. Postal Service
  2. Repeat "it was great while it lasted" to myself over and over again- Jack Torrance style
  3. Text you "you gotta stop leaving me hanging, my dude!" And swallow my pride
  4. Never listen to the following songs ever again:
    - Eugene - Sufjan Stevens - Lord Kill The Pain - Red House Painters - Oh Na Na (What's My Name) - Rihanna
  5. Cry until my face hurts as bad as yours did the time you asked me to slap you
  6. Stop talking about how beautiful your eyes are
  7. Spray paint over every graffiti tag of yours I see
  8. Wonder if maybe you hate me because you heard me saying I don't "get" graffiti culture
  9. Wonder if maybe you hate me because I would kiss you to stop you from talking about what will happen when I leave
  10. Get so angry that I'll never hear your Eazy-E impression again that I punch a wall
  11. Continue to like your Instagrams even though seeing them makes my heart shake
  12. Wonder what we would be like if I hadn't left you for 2 months
  13. Trace your perfect mouth in my memory
  14. Hope you're okay
  15. Distance myself from my friends because I can't be fun while being haunted by your now absent warmth
  16. Find peace in the fact that I can still love
  17. Be very sad and distracted until school starts
  18. Eat your heart
  19. Tell everyone you snore (while leaving out the fact that it's in a cute way that almost sounds like a giggle)
  20. Have night terrors about you sleeping with other girls
  21. Want so badly to hug you that I have to take a nap
  22. Write down every good memory I have (99% of my memories of us together) and keep it forever