I don't have an addictive personality except when it comes to pop culture.
  1. A User's Guide To They Might Be Giants
    Ages 10-13. This was the first album I bought with my own money, making it the only album I had at my disposal to listen to on my Walkman every night for those three years. I still know all the words to most of this album, which is not that great of a party trick but one I insist on exhibiting whenever I drink too much.
  2. Little Manhattan
    Ages 10-11. I would cry at night (usually while listening to "She's An Angel" off the aforementioned album) because I couldn't be close to 9 year old Josh Hutcherson. Because of this movie I joined his fan club and read his daily blog posts (in hindsight: definitely written by his mom-ager) This was the first movie to ruin my life. It doesn't hold up.
  3. The Blues Brothers
    Ages 13-14. Once I made my best friend in 8th grade dress up like Elwood to my Jake because I thought it'd be cool to wear sunglasses and ties to school, but she confused them for the blue man group and came to school very upset with me.
  4. Seth Cohen
    Ages 12-forever. I could broaden this to "The OC" but Sethelah gets a special shout out for shaping my taste in men, music and humor forever. This has definitely caused a lot of problems, but ugh, can't get enough of that narrow white boy.
  5. Belle & Sebastian
    Ages 14-17. I downloaded their entire discography and only listened to them for too long. Still one of my favorite bands but "Judy and The Dream of Horses" loses some gravity when you've already related to it as a freshman in high school.
  6. of Montreal
    Ages 15-17. The first band I ever saw live twice. I remember thinking "this is sexy." I was right but I didn't know why at the time. So bizarre, so beautiful. I felt so cool to discover them on my own I never shut up about it and bought 15-- I kid you not-- FIFTEEN of their posters.
  7. Cillian Murphy
    Ages 16-17. I'm not sure where this started, but I rented every single one of his movies (we're talking deep cuts like Disco Pigs, which everyone should check out btws) and watched them all over the course of a week. Probably cried that I couldn't make out with him, too. J Hutch style.
  8. Lords of Dogtown
    Ages 17-18. Another movie that really shaped my taste in men. My ability to quote this has gotten me many smooches from boys who read Thrasher. I watched this every single day my senior year of high school. Every. Single. Day. My friend and I made zephyr skate shirts and talked about skipping prom because it was "for kooks." My impression of Emile Hirsch's character in this is another unwanted party trick. @miggles36 thanks for the memories.
  9. Jake Bugg
    Ages 17-18. I thought he was so cute and such a talent (which he is) but the emotional connection I formed to his first album was a little much. I ended up meeting him and it was very weird and disillusioning. My prior obsession with him got to the point where my very sweet boyfriend at the time expressed concern about my going to his concert. He was right to be concerned.
  10. The Magnetic Fields
    Ages 19-20. Represented a big time in my life. Listened to this album over and over and over again with the sincere belief it was making my life better. I still kind of believe this. Wrote a script based on "Andrew in Drag" (not featured on 69 but whatever this is my list)
  11. The Office
    Ages 12-forever. THE BIGGEST OBSESSION BUT A HEALTHY ONE!! I fell asleep watching at least three episodes of this show on my iPod every night for years, thus memorizing many episodes. This is the show that made me want to be a writer and has been a safe space for me in many a dark time. The first show I transcribed, the show that taught me what kind of jokes I love. A monumental part of my life, only behind The Simpsons. @bjnovak a sincere thank you!!