I'm applying to grad school and, along with a personal statement, one of the schools requires a list of "15 Random Things About You" so I'm drafting it here. (Thanks Li.st for giving me an edge over the other candidates). They want to know things that aren't on my resume to "understand what makes me who I am"- do these do the trick?
  1. My favorite place in the US is the Eureka Dune Complex in Death Valley. I have never seen a landscape that compares and the mechanics of the dune itself are incredible.
  2. I've been a vegetarian for the last year and I'm hoping that if I introduce meat back into my diet it will be local.
  3. I've lived in 9 states ranging from New Jersey to Tennessee to Missouri and each place has left an impression.
    Growing up, we moved around a lot because my dad works in academia. I've lived in nine states so far so I can't really call one place home.
  4. I have a tattoo of a seed from the quandong tree- a keystone species in Far North Queensland, Australia
  5. I was homeschooled until 5th grade and I got in trouble at "regular" school for asking too many questions. My parents are both educators and taught me the importance of continually learning and growing.
  6. I memorized the entire dance to Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn
  7. Half of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores, with a heavy emphasis on flannels and sweaters.
  8. My favorite yoga pose is Eagle
  9. I grew up on TV Land- in 9th grade I convinced my mom to buy the box set of MASH, which I've watched all the way through three times
  10. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I always try to incorporate a box into my costume
  11. I had a dreadlock for 5.5 years that I called Ishmael. This became even more meaningful to me after reading Daniel Quinn's book by the same name in college.
  12. I always read at least two or three books at a time and often go back to old favorites like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Rebecca.
  13. I really can't stand plot holes in movies or TV shows. I find it really difficult to suspend disbelief
  14. I have three siblings: an older brother, older sister, and younger sister. Due to this, I definitely display the classic "middle child" behavior and find myself trying to be a mediator. This developed into always trying to see both side of an issue and not making my stance obvious at first (unless it is something I am passionate about)
    Suggestions? What kinda of fun facts do you tell people? Or do you want to know about people?
  16. I attended the People's Climate March in DC
  17. I've never had a cheeseburger from McDonald's before
  18. I rowed throughout high school and college
  19. I help start the compost initiative at eating houses and frats at Davidson
  20. I traveled alone to New Zealand after studying abroad in Australia
  21. Peanut butter is my favorite food and I eat it on everything. Carrots, yogurt, etc
  22. Over a three month period in Australia I got over 100 leaches stuck to me