So what do you do at your internship?
  1. Get coffee
  2. Read The Skimm
    Because I'm a responsible and informed (millennial woman) individual
  3. Read The 703 newsletter
    Trying to stay up to date on my DC news
  4. Check my email
    Read them but procrastinate on actually responding because I hate emails and it takes me like 10 drafts to ask someone to get coffee
  5. Get tea
  6. Check job board updates
    Save usually 1-3 jobs to check out later. That usually sit bookmarked until they expire
  7. Check list and Instagram
    Too obsessed with social media
  8. Sneak chocolate from my boss's office
  9. Go for a walk and listen to a podcast
    See earlier list for podcasts (that I can't figure out how to attach)
  10. Eat lunch
  11. Enter data/fill out spreadsheet/edit word document
    See, I'm earning my keep
  12. Get water. Or tea
  13. Look for free workout classes
  14. Text friends to see if anyone wants to go to said workout classes with me
  15. Finally email someone to confirm a coffee date
  16. Eat more chocolate
  17. Half-heartedly apply to a job that doesn't really interest me
  18. Spiral and text my friend 15 times in a row about how I don't know what I'm doing wth my life
  19. Chocolate
  20. Reload social media
  21. Leave for the day