Oh the irony
  1. I've call my a hypochondriac because I always assume the worst about every ache and pain
  2. And, even though I know I shouldn't, always end up reading WebMD or various blogs and confirming my worst suspicion
  3. *note: I know that hypochondria is a real disorder and I'm not trying to make light of it
  4. But I always seem to go to the worst possible explanation
  5. Case in point: I've had an unexplained headache for 8 days straight
  6. And no pain meds seem to help
    I've tried excedrin, doctor prescribed migraine meds, sudafed, Flonase, cold and flu pills, Motrin, Tylenol
  7. And I've been to the doctor twice
  8. And they suspect allergies or a virus
  9. And aren't super super concerned
    As in, no one has told me to go to the ER or get a head scan yet
  10. And yet
  11. I've looked up the signs of:
  12. Brain aneurisms
  13. Brain cancer
  14. Brain tumors
  15. And worked myself up into a freaked out mess
  16. I've called my mom more times than I would care to admit
  17. And, even though the doctors say I haven't yet displayed any signs that make them concerned, I keep assuming the worst
  18. The rational part of me knows everything is fine
  19. But another, often louder, voice is going "huh. Your headache moved to your temples. That weird. That's a sign of cluster headaches. And blood clots."
  20. Fingers crossed my appointment on Monday reveals the true cause of this headache
  21. Until then, I'm going to distract myself with naps and Netflix. And go on li.st instead of WebMD....
  22. EDIT: day 11 and the headaches have subsided. Blood work shows that I am healthy and don't have Lyme disease or weird allergies or vitamin deficiencies
  23. But the doctors hare basically told me that my head isn't going to explode so I'm feeling okay
  24. So I'm currently self-medicating on chocolate and white cheddar popcorn
    My doctor on Monday told me to make sure I'm eating. On it 👍🏼