Ahhhhhhhh guess what came today?!?
  1. Ahhhhhh this is the best surprise
    I saw it when I went outside to take my dog for a walk and was thinking about it the entire time
  2. Oh. My. Gosh.
  3. I don't even know how to express how touched/happy I am
  4. I'm truly impressed by your detective work @Veronique
    I can update my list with the Reese's stuffed with pieces!
  6. And the socks. I have a bucket of socks (a literal bucket) but I'm missing Halloween themed ones
    But that's not true anymore!!!
  7. And this bowl. This bowl is incredible
    I almost don't want to put anything in it because that'll cover up the adorable hedgehog
  8. The card is hilarious and made of felt and so cool!
    And the words inside it make me feel fuzzy
  9. Everything :)
  10. Thank you thank you thank you @Veronique for your incredible package and sweet words. As soon as I finish writing this list I'm going to start creeping on your lists too :)
  11. And thank you @amieshmamie for coordinating this
  12. The Li.st community is such a unique thing and wonderful people. I'm so happy to share this app with you and, in doing so, be more connected every day to "strangers on the internet"
    So thank you @bjnovak