I'm currently "volunteering" (interning) while I look for a full-time job and sometimes as I sift through piles of job descriptions that don't sound appealing while trying to channel the advice that I've received through countless coffee meetings I start to feel panicky and overwhelmed and on the verge of tears. How do you manage similar feelings?
  1. Leave the office and go for a walk
  2. Make some tea
  3. Allow myself to mindlessly scroll through social media for a while
  4. Make a list of happy moments that happened recently
  5. Hide in the bathroom and accept the tears that are building
  6. I remind myself that I *really* do not need to do or decide anything for right now, that I will feel differently in a while and that whenI do, I can go about doing or deciding whatever with ease and clarity. Future me has my back. Future you has your back too ❤️
    Suggested by @LaiaPM
  7. Bask in it
    Sometimes you gotta ride the wave of the emotion. It sounds like you have real valid reasons to be stressed. Emotions do pass naturally though & sometimes it is good to acknowledge them in a safe space / time. Personally I have a playlist titled 🙃 with my most emo songs that I give a listen & it comforts me.
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