With great friends
  1. Today I went on a hike with friends to Great Falls in Maryland (VA? Outside of DC)
  2. It was my first time out of the city in three months and was definitely the breath of fresh air I needed
    You don't realize how bad DC smells until you get out of it
  3. And it got me thinking about all of the other great hikes I've been on
    Note: this list does not include all of the great hikes I've been on, much less all of the hikes in general. But the highlights, in no particular order
  4. Panthertown, NC
    1. Name. 2. First place I've gone on a multi-day camping trip 3. Waterfalls on waterfalls 4. I went here twice with college outdoor groups and each time pushed me out of my comfort zone and was a great bonding experience
  5. Death Valley
    The entire park but particularly the Eureka Dunes and the hike from 0 elevation to the top of Telescope Peak
  6. Blue Ridge Highway
    So lucky that for a year I only lived 2.5 hours from Asheville
  7. Lover Peak, VA
    Hiked this with my family instead of Black Friday shopping. And I think was my dad's first selfie
  8. Mt. Rogers
    There are wild ponies. WILD PONIES
  9. Literally anywhere in the Australian rainforest
    The jungle was my backyard for three glorious months
  10. The Carolina Thread Trail
    My first job. A network of (what is going to be) 1500 miles of trails and greenways. I feel so accomplished saying I helped put miles on the ground and love getting people out on them.
  11. Crowders Mountain, NC
    The only big mountain to climb a reasonable distance from Charlotte. I've done it many times and each time I end up winded
  12. Hiking is great. Get outside, y'all