If it makes this story any better, I've never done Black Friday shopping before. But I'm still part of the problem
  1. I'm so ashamed/embarrassed
  2. My friends and I woke up at 6:15 am
  3. On a Saturday
  4. To get to a Lululemon clearance sale when it opened at 7am
  5. We figured we had to get there early to get good deals and so we'd made as well go all in and make it worth it
  6. We roll up exactly at 7 and see a line out the door
  7. That's okay that was expected
  8. We turn the corner
  10. Turn the other corner
  11. Guys.
  12. This line wrapped halfway around an entire block
  13. We overheard that people were in line before 5 am
  14. For some discounted leggings
    Spoiler alert: the leggings weren't even on sale
  15. Lululemon put up an advertisement for "the clearing" without any details
  16. And HUNDREDS of people showed up
  17. How many of these people have camped out for a protest?
  18. Stood in line for hours to cast a vote?
  19. Ugh
  20. So we're standing in line hating ourselves
    I don't have any pictures because e didn't want any evidence that we stooped so low
  21. And 15 minutes go by
  22. But we decide that we're already awake and nothing else is on so we might as well wait
  23. An hour passes and we've only moved halfway there
  24. So I leave and go up front to check it out and ask people if it was worth it
  25. Some lovely souls tell me that it would only be worth it if we were 15 minutes out
  26. Instead of ANOTHER HOUR
  27. The only things on sale are tops and sweaters
  28. Leggings, the item that Lulu is most known for, are still full price
    I also need the world to know that I have not and will never spend $100 on leggings
  29. So we leave and go to a greasy diner for breakfast at 8 am
  30. How's your Saturday going?