1. Tell people that bottled water is a scam and bad for the environment in so many ways
    Tap water is usually cleaner than bottled water. Plastic bottles are an insane waste. The "clean springs" are usually polluted and stressed bodies of water
  2. Find the good in bad situations
  3. Memorize dance routines, poorly
    Looking at you, Call Your Girlfriend
  4. Consume all of the peanut butter/trail mix
  5. Jump in the waves regardless of the weather/temperature/clothing
    I was so excited to see the ocean over spring break one year that I ran to the beach as soon as we parked during a tropical storm (but don't worry, I didn't actually go in the water that time)
  6. Be a spokesperson for dunes, an under appreciated geologic landform
    Some dunes SING and they support full ecosystems and move/stabilize in response to climate and did I mention that they're beautiful?!