Just saw The Passion of the Christ in a bookstore and thought about this. I know it's August
  1. Watched "Son of God: the Life of Jesus with You" with my teetotaler grandma while drinking wine out of a coffee mug
    She fell asleep so my mom and I tried to jump forward a few scenes but my dad got upset because he was watching
  2. Watched Zoolander with my family freshman year of college (my parents had never seen it before)
    Everyone was in bed by 11
  3. Stayed up with my cousins when I was in 4th grade to watch the ball drop but then my older brother told us that it had already happened because of time zones
  4. Squished 19 people in my friend's house in the Appalachian Mountains the first year after graduation
    Made fires, went on hikes, watched multiple Disney movies, drank a lot of champagne.