We all do weird things so we might as well embrace them!
  1. When I text I usually use my right thumb and left pointer finger
    And honestly didn't realize this was weird until a friend pointed it out. Guess my left thumb with just be really nimble while everyone else's are rittled with arthritis
  2. I make this noise that's basically a three note him when I'm going about every day tasks or bored
    I don't know what brings it on and half the time I don't realize I'm doing it
  3. When I eats dip (like hummus or pimento cheese) I like to drag my food across the surface to keep it as level as possible
    It feels more peaceful and orderly
  4. I eat popcorn by eating off the bottom and then the puff. But eat animal crackers whole
  5. I purposely pick the chocolate chip cookies with the fewest chocolate chips even though I LOVE chocolate by itself
  6. When I'm nervous about pain I grip one of my thumbs
    A tell that both my dentist and physical therapist have picked up on
  7. I can't set an alarm for a time ending in 0 or 5
    It feels too intense and ordered- my weekday alarms are 7:38 and 7:44