So I can get stop keeping old bottles to remember what I use.... Feel free to stop reading now because it won't be interesting
  1. BB Cream 1
  2. BB Cream 2
  3. Mascara
  4. Or E.L.F
    Picture not available bc it is super worn off but black
  5. Powder
    Sandstorm for summer or natural for winter
  6. Also a good powder option
  7. Ugh the best bronzerish/powder ever but no longer made
    Set 2 (mission: find a replacement)
  8. Coverup
  9. Eyeliner
  10. Eyeliner pencil
  11. Brightener
  12. Classic liquid liner
  13. Heavy duty concealer
  14. Waterproof mascara
  15. Meh mascara
  16. Powder
    Note to self: too powdery
  17. Concealer
    Not for eyes. Light
  18. Blush