I knew this day would come
  1. Yesterday I was reading about the trending hashtag #repealthe19th
  2. And I was furious. And scared
  3. I decided to share a picture of my friends and I the first time we ever voted to bring attention to this outrageous trend and ask people to register
  4. And in my caption I said a general "fuck you" to anyone who actually supports #repealthe19th
    At first I considered writing "F you" or something but realized that I don't need to censor myself on my own social media account in order to not offend a group of people who obviously don't care about my feelings
  5. So the post went up and minutes later I received this comment from a stranger
    My Instagram is public because of my last job and I never bothered to change it back
  6. A STRANGER felt the need to belittle my political free will and make blanket assumptions based on my gender. Oh and chose the diminutive "girls"
  7. After a lot of deliberation I decided to be a bigger person and not go after him like he did to me
    But obviously had to include some sass
  8. Meanwhile, I received an outpouring of support on my post from friends (and strangers)
  9. It has since devolved into even more arguments from strangers defending my perspective
  10. I thought about making my profile private during this
  11. But didn't want to give Dustin any satisfaction
    So I'm gong to wait until this all blows over
  12. In the meantime, I'll be busy organizing a phone bank for Hillary.
  13. And Dustin, don't forget to vote on November 28th