Both times it was the right knee
  1. "So you play sports?"
    LOL NOPE. Just super kultzy + a little drunk
  2. Then I have to go on and explain:
  3. 1. I jumped up (while dancing at a party) and my ankles didn't support me when I landed (Freshman Year)
    Then the doctor told me I just sprained something in my knee and so I slowly kept tearing it until it was completely gone. The final straw was when I was running down the hallway in my dorm (sober) because I was so excited about the Secret Santa that was starting in the lounge and I WIPED OUT when I rounded the corner. Bye ACL, it was fun
  4. 2. I was running down a set of stairs to take a picture with friends and I don't know if I fell because my ACL gave out or I tore my ACL because I tripped (Senior Year)
    Either way, I ended up at the bottom of the stairs in extreme pain and in the process dropped my delicious bagel
  5. Pro tip: alcohol definitely numbs the pain
    But also 10 out of 10 would not recommend