Only until 5th grade with some combination of my three siblings and other homeschooled friends
  1. How are you so normal?
    Contrary to popular belief, being home schooled does not mean that you are kept away from the rest of the world, unable to develop social skills
  2. Did you wear long skirts?
    Tbh the long hair and full length jean skirts are semi-accurate stereotypes of homeschoolers but we were the cool version. I had chokers like every other child of the 90s.
  3. Is your family really religious?
    My parents are religious and church was a big part of my life growing up but that wasn't their motivation for homeschooling. My mom is a certified elementary school teacher and was worried that we would be overlooked in public schools
  4. Did you have any friends?
    So many friends! Mainly thanks to church but we took French classes with our other homeschooled friends and did gymnastics and ballet and went to camps at the college my dad worked at.
  5. Did you just watch TV all day?
    My mom definitely got more lax as we got older and there are pictures of me and my little sister in our pajamas watching cartoons as my older sister and brother got ready to go to "real" school. It was a pretty good life. But we had a schedule of classes and used workbooks etc.
  6. Was it weird going to normal school?
    5th grade was definitely a transition- I was not used to having to raise my hand to ask a question and do work with a group. But it was fun and I think I transitioned over at a good point
  7. Moral of the story: Homeschooling was cool!