I was only allowed to watch TV Land and Veggie Tales but then we got (basic-ish) cable in 8th grade and OH BOY DID THINGS CHANGE. Below are my first foray into non-wholesome TV
  1. Split Ends
    Basically a fancy hairdresser from the city swaps places with a hairdresser from the county. Panic ensues. Lessons are learned (Wife Swap for hair).
  2. Ruby
    Probably one of the first weight loss shows but this solely followed Ruby's journey and was uplifting and supportive.
  3. Clean House
    Neicy, Matt, and Trish ❤️. The perfect mix of Hoarders, Fixer Upper, and therapy plus comedians.
  4. Peter Perfect
    Say Yes to the Dress but for hair salons. Kitchen Nightmares but without the yelling.
  5. Amazing Wedding Cakes
    AMAZING WEDDING CAKES. What people can do with fondant astounds me