Left is no, right? I don't actually use Tinder
  1. Dating apps are about first impressions and, while that sucks, it does help to have some rules...
  2. Picture with guns
  3. Shirtless mirror pictures
  4. Only group pictures
  5. Camo
  6. Posing with dead animals
    Usually combined with guns/camo
  7. Backwards baseball cap while on a boat
  8. Blurry picture of him tubing
    I see a surprising amount of these
  9. Gym pictures
    Although part of me does respect someone confident enough about themselves to pose at the gym. (My goal is to remain completely unnoticed. Nothing to see here, just trying out some exercises I saw online and don't really understand)
  10. Cut-off shirts
    No sleeves, lots of problems
  11. Bermuda shorts