Irrefutable fact. Alt: Not All Reese's were Created Equal
  1. Easter eggs
    Maximum peanut butter. No thick edges of waxy chocolate
  2. Heart
    See above. Just a slightly more annoying shape
  3. Pumpkins
    Actually, tied with hearts.
  4. Christmas tree
    Slowly closing the peanut butter to chocolate ratio
  5. Regular
    It is kind of fun eating away the edges to leave the perfect bite in the middle
  6. Minis
    Too much chocolate but also very easy to eat
  7. Bells
    Is it just me or do these always taste like they've been sitting in your grandma's living room for a few months?
  8. EDIT: Big Cup
    Forgot about this because I've only actually eaten it once. You would think it would rank really high because of the amount of peanut butter but the giant edge is a pretty big turn off. I'll put it above minis but below regular