I've been doing training for my new job since Friday but I went home for the evening to decorate the tree with my family and MY SECRET SANTA PACKAGE HAD ARRIVED (my sisters also did not understand the concept of List and doing a secret santa with people from the internet. Their loss).
  1. Clearly I was very excited because I couldn't even take a focused picture when I first opened the box
    1. This box was HEAVY 2. The note made me laugh a lot. Thank you for sharing your tradition @jennifergster
  2. Literally so spoiled.
  3. #1
    I told my sister earlier that week that I really needed an air freshener for my car but kept forgetting to buy one THEN LO AND BEHOLD
  4. #2
    I'm so happy that hedgehogs are my #brand
  5. #3
    AMAZING PIN by @boygirlparty
  6. And then I got too excited and didn't take pictures of #4-#12
  7. But here are the contents in all their glory
  8. TWO new books to read!!
    I'm always looking for new books so this is perfect
  9. Food from all three of my food lists
    Reese's Cups, old lady strawberry candies, and raspberry jam.
  10. A coloring book and markers
    So perfect for my new job self-care
  11. An amazing notebook made from panda poop
    I laughed so much at this
  12. A beautiful beautiful painting of a cityscape
    Did I mention how beautiful it is?
  13. @jennifergster Thank you SO MUCH for these wonderfully amazing gifts
    I seriously can't believe how much effort and thought went into this package
  14. You are a rockstar and I can't wait to see you on the app 😊
  15. My heart is so happy right now