1. I just started a new job (woot woot)! I'm living and working in a house with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  2. The staff has been telling me the importance of practicing self-care on my days off to stay sane.
  3. But I've never lived or worked in a place like this and I haven't ever really needed to be that intentional about my free time
    To relax I usually watch TV or color while listening to podcast
  4. What do you all do to recenter yourselves and recharge/relax?
  5. I'm also not really making *much* money so free/cheap ideas are much appreciated
    Otherwise I would just spend my life savings on yoga classes
  6. A lot of times you can get a reduced price membership to a museum/zoo/conservatory if you are under a certain age. A member ship is nice to me because pay once/go all year, usually a beautiful and peaceful environment so you can go and just sit, relax, even read a book.
    Also you can focus on one section each time you visit or visit your favorites over and over again and you never have to feel guilty if you go and it's too crowded or hot or you aren't in the mood you can just leave.
    Suggested by @jennifergster
  7. TV and podcasts is usually my route too! I recommend watching a show that feels like home to you (for me that's stuff I always watched as a kid, like Friends or Boy Meets World) so you feel comfortable/safe. Also listening to music is another go to!
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy
  8. Give yourself an at-home steam spa!
    It's easy: first, boil water, enough to fill a large mixing bowl. Second, add any essential oils or nice smelling things (I like to use fresh mint) to the water, though it's not required. Then, place a towel over the bowl to trap in the heat, and put your entire head underneath. Breathe in slowly and deeply. This will really help if you've been feeling stuffy and congested, so be prepared for a dripping nose! This always helps me feel rejuvenated 👸🏼✨🛁
    Suggested by @naughtyedamame
  9. Another thing: ambient sound mixers! There are websites that you can go to to listen to themed ambient sounds. I like Harry Potter so I'll use a Hufflepuff Common Room sound mixer or the Hogwarts library sound mixer. It makes you feel like you're really there, and is something nice and simple to listen to.
    I've seen Star Wars, Star Trek, and more ambient sound mixers, as well as just simple locations like a beach or coffee shop. Highly recommend!
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy
  10. Take the time to cook a meal for yourself
    Cooking something healthy & delicious doesn't have to be expensive or hard. Check out the Real Simple website if you're a relative cooking newbie or just need ideas.
    Suggested by @dreadpiratemama
  11. Go to your local library
    Take your time browsing books, go get some new music, pick up a n old fave kid's book, curl up in any of the lovely old armchairs & relax. It's so nice being around other people, but in a quiet space. Bring your coloring book if you want!
    Suggested by @dreadpiratemama